Spreader kit for localized fertilization
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Patent pending equipment for localized fertilization. The subsoiler breaks up the soil, penetrating it at an average depth of 50/55 cm, and turns the sods sufficiently to cover organic residue. This, done every 2/3 years, allows the ground to store a reserve of water for plants. The particular fertilizer spreaders fitted behind the anchor spread the fertilizer at an average depth of 20 cm; as a result, roots burying their way down in search of water also find the substances that stimulate healthy growth of the plants, and thereby guarantee optimal yield.
The fertilizer spreader is powered by a hydraulic engine with variable speed drive. There is an rpm counter with rotation/speed table in the driverÌs cabin of the tractor for setting the amount of fertilizer to be spread over each hectare of land.

Products categories: Subsoilers and trolleys

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