Speedplow combined subsoilers
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Tillage at medium depth (20-25 cm), the special profile of the curved Michel ballasts and their position allow the machine to fully decompact the soil by mixing it with tillage residues. The double-row element of the rear undulated discs allows for an excellent crushing of the soil and very good levelling. In many cases the soil is already ready for the subsequent sowing stage. The Speedplow is used to break up the soil and prepare it in order to sow second crops or to prepare the land for spring sowing. The layout of the ballasts allows for quick tillage up to 10-12 km/h, thereby considerably reducing execution time with noticeable energy savings. All the ballasts are fitted with a safety bolt in the event of collision with fixed obstacles and it is also possible to have machines with even higher ballasts (90 cm clearance) for deeper tillage.

Products categories: Cultivators and minimum tillage

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  • Harrow with elastic teeth
  • Disc-scraper
  • Depth-adjustment wheels
  • Universal fast-coupling trolley
  • Front disc harrow