Mono/double wheel rotary ditchers
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Ditchers fitted with a single digging rotor and a cutting and cleaning disc. The excavated ditch is perfectly profiled, with the bed and both walls moulded by the implements. The excavated soil is only distributed on the right side of the ditch. The spreading distance is adjustable by manually acting – or hydraulically if requested – on the position of the covers of the main rotor. The 30° excavation angle - or 45° for model DMR45B/45°- assures the right combination between work depth and ditch opening, for good durability of the waterway over time. The width of the bed may vary between 18 and 38 cm, whereas the maximum depth ranges between 55 and 110 cm, according to the model. This type of ditchers is used when one needs to spread the excavated soil on one side only, due to the presence of roads, crops or third party property.

The excavating rotor and the cleaning disc rotate in opposite directions, in order to have more balanced motion distribution and free from vibrations.

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  • Cardan shaft with safety bolt
  • Cardan shaft with safety clutch
  • Transport wheel
  • Three-point hydraulic hitch
  • Hydraulic regulation of the side covers
  • Tungsten tools kit
  • Laser grade control
  • Long-life tools kit