DSL hydraulic side-mounted device
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Device fitted with a hydraulic arm that makes it possible to apply a variety of implements to perform work on the right side outside the tractor’s track distance. It is a trailed piece of equipment to be connected to the tractor at the rear - or at the front, on request - via three-point hitch. During transport, its position is back within the tractor’s overall dimensions. The end of the arm is fitted with a flange for application of a number of motorised implements to meet any operative requirements: the ditcher, the roadside shredder, the grass mower and the guardrail mower. Motion transmission is hydraulic and it is powered by an independent system, fitted with cooling system and driven by PTO shaft connected to the tractor’s PTO. The drives are controlled via an electric-hydraulic joystick. 

Products categories: Road maintenance machines

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  • Laser grade control
  • Rotary ditchers
  • Roadside clearer S70
  • Mower T130
  • Guardrail mower D80