RHP hydropneumatic subsoilers
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This is the ideal tool for difficult work situations in the presence of tough and rocky soil. Special shape, the high quality of its components and above all, the special ìNO-STOPî feature with a hydro-pneumatic system make it possible to use this machine without any special requirements or wasted time for replacement of the safety parts found on normal breaking plows.
All the rotation points (anchors, hydraulic cylinders) are fitted on high-resistance cemented bushings.
Ball nitrogen accumulator with a regulator valve that allows fast oil return, allowing the anchor to overcome the obstacle with a gradual return to avoid kickback. Its capacity is designed to allow complete simultaneous reentry of several anchors to prevent stiffening of the strusture, a major cause of breakdown when large obstacles are involved.

Products categories: Subsoilers and trolleys

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  • Depth-adjustment wheels
  • Winged sod breakup device