Vitis - single inter-row device
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  • Simplicity of use and adaptability to the most disparate operational requirements; from old hills to fresh roots, VITIS can work the sub-chamber area with extreme precision and respect for every plant, even in the harshest conditions (sloping terrain, close logs, tight soil or uncultivated, etc.).
  • Adaptable for all businesses; the three set ups (LD-MD-HD) and the vast customisation options allow the hobbyist and the most virtuous agro-mechanical company to find the machine that best meets their needs.
  • Wide availability of easily interchangeable tools: scraper blade, circular mill, weed cutting disks and head. A single machine that allows all the sub-chamber crop operations.
Products categories: Machines for vineyards, orchards and olive groves


  • Straddle blade
  • Ø320 plough disc harrow
  • Vertical rotary cutter
  • Blade flail mower