MAXI combined cultivators
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Following long-standing experience next to its users, Dondi presents a machine that meets all the needs associated with conservative tillage. The machine has been designed with a modular structure featuring three separate sections: the core is the cultivator with three rows of teeth that performs an optimal mixing of the soil with harvest residues, thereby increasing its fertility, improving the water balance and protecting it from erosion. The front disc harrow with toothed convex discs with adjustable height and tilt has been specifically designed to cut and bury residues. If there is no need for this, you can order the machine without this part. At the back of the cultivator there is a third category three-point hitch, which can be connected to a wide selection of rollers depending on the various types of soil and conditions of the soil itself.   

The machine has been designed both for surface tillage, with the option of mounting ploughshares with separate flaps, and to till soil down to a depth of 35 cm with specially designed tines to optimise penetration into the soil by noticeably reducing the required tractive force.

Products categories: Cultivators and minimum tillage

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  • Hydraulic third point for front drawbar
  • Disc 660x7
  • Depth-adjustment wheels
  • Rigid tine DR
  • Grubber tine GR
  • Straight sprung tine GM
  • Straight sprung tine CM
  • Winged deflector kit
  • Braking system
  • Lights and signals
  • Pneumatic sowing machine with accessories
  • Harrow with elastic teeth
  • Disc-scraper