Foldable three-rows cultivators

These are cultivators for very powerful tractors. They have a foldable frame with two sections featuring an operating length from 4 to 6 metres. They are fitted with elastic ballasts with two leaves (55x25 + 55x20) equipped with a third reinforcement leaf (55x20) applied on the fixing bracket to prevent any breakages in the event of considerable stress during tillage. The hinges where the sections tip over have cemented steel bushes. The cultivator can be turned into a combined machine by applying a disc section at the front and a third application at the rear with different types of rollers.

Products categories: Cultivators and minimum tillage

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  • Pair of rubber wheels
  • Pair of hydraulic iron wheels
  • Rigid tine DR
  • Grubber tine GR
  • Winged deflector kit
  • Front disc harrow
  • Double roller with struts
  • Cage roller
  • Double roller with wavy discs