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Machine for tillage at minimum depth (8-15 cm) with elements that have independent and dampened parallel discs on rubber supports. They can be combined with various models of rear rollers based on the type of soil and with front ballasts that can be easily applied with a three-point hitch to ensure good penetration in difficult soil and tillage on two layers. These machines allow for very fast operating speed and, given the excellent finish achieved, sowing operations can be conducted immediately. The special tilt of the discs allows to bury and mix the residues of previous cultivation, which also means they favour subsequent sowing operations.

Products categories: Cultivators and minimum tillage

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  • L roller
  • U roller
  • T roller 
  • Lamflex roller
  • Rollpro roller
  • Rear roller hydraulic adjustment
  • Disc Ø560
  • Conversion carriage
  • Front subsoiler
  • Road approval
  • Pneumatic sowing machine with accessories