BIG combined cultivators

Equipment used for multiple applications at medium depth (25-35 cm) thanks to multi-ballast cultivators combined with front disc sections and various rear finishing accessories. This kind of system allows:

- to cut and make residues penetrate into the soil with the front disc section, which can operate at a depth of 10-15 cm;

- to completely break up the soil with a multi-ballast cultivator to be configured based on your requirements (rigid ballasts, flexible elastic ballasts, elastic ballasts fitted with a compression spring, elastic ballasts with a hydropneumatic system);

- an excellent finishing to prepare the soil for sowing, thanks to a series of rear accessories consisting either of disc elements or various roller models that allow to adequately level and finish the soil.

These machines can be mounted, semi-mounted or trailed depending on their size. The large working width and good speed allow for noticeable savings both in terms of execution time and maintenance costs.

Products categories: Cultivators and minimum tillage

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  • Trailed conversion kit
  • Hydraulic third point for front drawbar
  • Hydraulic section adjustment
  • Disc 610x7
  • Pair of rubber wheels
  • Pair of hydraulic iron wheels
  • Rigid tine DR
  • Rigid tine GR
  • Winged deflector kit
  • Harrow with elastic teeth
  • Disc-scraper