Special double-wheel rotary ditchers
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Double-wheel ditcher with “special” features aimed at meeting specific operative needs.

This type includes:

  • machines with narrow (18°) or oversized (42°) excavation angle based on the need for the ditch section to be wider or narrower, depth being equal;
  • ditchers able to excavate trenches with a very wide bed (models F70 and F80);
  • double-wheel fitted with enhanced excavating unit and/or flanged rotors for simplified maintenance (SUPER series).
Products categories: Rotary ditchers

See the symbol key.

  • Cardan shaft with safety bolt
  • Cardan shaft with safety clutch
  • Transport wheel
  • Three-point hydraulic hitch
  • Hydraulic regulation of the side covers
  • Tungsten tools kit
  • Laser grade control
  • Long-life tools kit