BIG cultivator: new design and excellent performance

The design of the combined BIG cultivator has been completely renovated without losing its winning features: modularity, high flexibility and ability to configure the machine according to specific needs.

The cutting and burying action of the front disk harrow (optional) is determinant in the presence of residues; the central three-row cultivator, which can be equipped with the most suitable tooth according to the specific needs, allows for an excellent flow of soil, avoiding clogging and dragging problems; the rear roller completes the tillage and can be chosen according to the desired finish.

Besides ensuring additional robustness and resistance, the new design enables a reduction in weight and greater compactness of the machine. The cultivator is available in the mounted/trailed version, with a working width of 4 to 5.5 metres.



Dondi S.p.a. is preparing to open its new base in Bastia Umbra

Work is almost finished on the new 6500 square meter site.