Article published in Machinery World about our new Cut Roller.

Machinery World, a well-known information magazine focused on agriculture, gardening and earthmoving mechanisation systems, has reviewed the new range of RT cut rollers presented at EIMA International 2016 last November.

The new range of RT cut rollers owes its success to the fact that, unlike normal stalk shredders, cut rollers operate passively, i.e. without being PTO driven.

The new RT range also includes two-, three- and four-metre mounted models as well as our six-metre trailed flagship model, foldable for road transport. Each mounted type model is equipped as standard with a double three-point coupling which allows both front and rear use with respect to the tractor. Front use highlights the performance of our mounted rollers in particular. Thanks to the specially designed chassis of these machines, they are equipped with a special self-steering system to ensure proper road handling by the tractor via its front wheels even in the most uncomfortable situations; working widths and more generally the entire machine design have been conceived for combined front and rear use of the tractor with one of the other equipment items with passive motion winches proposed by Dondi; and finally, independent disc equipment and toothed cultivators to be set up with a wide range of ballast and ploughshare types.

Our machines are designed to reduce power demand, thus fully exploiting the coupling devices mounted on modern agricultural tractors and creating quick, more balanced and light working methods.



Dondi S.p.a. is preparing to open its new base in Bastia Umbra

Work is almost finished on the new 6500 square meter site.